Four Partners

Seven Farms. Hundreds of Jobs.
Thousands of Miles. Millions of Beans.
Unlimited Possibilities...

Who we are.

We are a team of friends united by a common passion to make a difference in the world...starting at origin.
We are a group of professionals committed to excellence across our businesses...built on values.
We love Farms. We love Yunnan. We love Coffee!

Tim Heinze

Managing Director

Tim and his family reside in Puer, Yunnan – the coffee capital of China.

Tim holds international coffee certifications from CQI (Q-Grader) and the SCA (Green Buyer, Taster, Barista, Golden Cup, Roaster). He is also a Certified Instructor.

Tim is passionate about specialty coffee in particular and the development of China’s coffee industry in general. He can be found on the farms, in the labs, and on occasion, at his office.

Kate Kinahan

Legal Counsel

Kate holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Chinese law from Nanjing University (China) and a Diploma in International Relations from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (China). Kate is fluent in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese.

As a foreigner, Kate claims the rare privilege of having officially worked with the Chinese Judicial Organ. Numerous articles have been written about Kate in the mainstream Chinese media. She also receives regular correspondence from academics and business leaders throughout China regarding her published articles.

Saxon Wright

Global Operations

Saxon is a coffee industry veteran having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He has established many businesses in the coffee sector and still owns and operates a specialty coffee roastery in Sydney, Australia – Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters.

Saxon is a certified SCAA instructor and examiner and uses a background in chemistry to drive a scientific approach to coffee and how it can be improved. He has been head judge of the Australian Barista Championships since 2006 and the World Barista Championships since 2011.

Saxon is active in sourcing coffee from growing regions all over the world and is part of several on-going research projects involved in improving coffee at a growing, roasting and brewing level. He is now looking to Yunnan’s coffee region as a new frontier of specialty coffee and awakening the industry to its possibilities.

Josh Jagelman

Business Development

Joshua has served in senior management, leadership, and consulting positions for corporate and not-for-profit organizations in Australia and China since 2002.

Joshua sits on the Board of Directors of various sustainability and justice focussed organisations, including Huskee Tech (P/L), Armstrong Chase Investments (P/L), and Just Projects International (501c).

Joshua currently lives “at origin” with his family. He is an SCA certified Green Coffee Buyer and also holds certification in Sensory and Roasting.


Tim Heinze is a certified Q-Grader (CQI) and Green Bean Purchaser (SCAA). He has been sourcing and grading beans in Yunnan and the Greater Mekong (Laos & Thailand) since 2009. Tim is fluent in Mandarin Chinese as well as local language variants among the regional farming communities. Tim regularly sources regional specialty grade coffees for both domestic and international buyers.


We provide onsite supervision from processing through to shipping. We directly handle mandatory documentation, 3P contracts and all in-country insurances. We ensure that the amazing coffee you sample is the quality coffee you receive. Our dedicated bilingual logistics team and in-house lawyer can handle all your logistics needs - a genuine turn-key solution.


We export directly through our own licence or can work with your nominated in-country exporter. Our bilingual administrators use robust supervisory systems to ensure transparent arrangements and trackable paperwork. Let us do the heavy bureaucratic lifting so you can spend your time enjoying coffee rather than ticking boxes!


Need SCAA or SCAE certification? We've got you covered. Want to understand how coffee contracts work in China? We can help with that. Chances are, we're certified to help you in just about any coffee-related need you have. And if not, we can recommended you to a trusted partner who we'll ensure takes care of you.

How it works.

1 We're a very personable company. So, just give us a call or send us an email to start things rolling. Often, a conversation goes like this, "One of our baristas was on holiday in Yunnan and came across some exquisite flavour notes in the local brews. Can you get us some of that? Can you do large volumes? Do you have a supplier in Australia?" Yes. Yes. And...Yes.

2 We're a very professional company. So, once we've worked out what your precise needs are, we'll assign our best people to the job. Then, we'll write down the plan and give it to you so there's clear expectations and accountability. Some people want to know everything...others want to 'set and forget'. Either way, we've got you covered.

3 We're a very responsible company. We care about the environment - its present and future. We care about the farmers we work with and the communities around them. Throughout the year we partner with the local government and volunteer teams to do fun and meaningful projects. These include things like nutrition programs, building water pipelines and assisting local teachers.

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